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The Metaphysics of Art: Through Engagement and Practice by Shanta Lee 

I am featured alongside a number of exciting artists and organizers with a toe or more dipped in the metaphysical, in the current issue of Art New England Magazine, March-April 2024.


Consciousness for Life: The "Be Your Own Guide Book" and Oracle Deck coming out in May/June 2024 

Over the last 4 years I have worked with my beloved teacher Jean Mazzei to bring her book to life with a 91 card accompanying oracle deck. The book and deck are at the printers now and we anticipate them being published and finished in May-June.

We ran a kickstarter campaign in 2023 and funded the printing and preorders of a limited edition of 300 of these books and decks. I will have a few authors' copies of the book and deck available this summer for any who may have missed the preorder campaign— shoot me an email!


The Putney Public Library Chapbook 

A final community book-binding event will take place at the Putney Public Library on Thursday, April 25th 4:30-6! Registration required but the event is free, come learn to bind a book and support the completion of this anthology publication.

A public reading and celebration of the chapbook is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th 1-3pm.

Check out the calendar at the Putney Public Library!


In Situ Polyculture Commons launches its first Residency Open Call application!

The artist residency that Owen and I have been building in Southeastern Vermont is officially open and we have launched our first open call application for summer and early fall residencies!

Responses to the Arctic Circle Residency

I have been collecting and collating entries from my Arctic Circle Residency cohort for a chapbook. This project eventually fed into cocurating a special issue of Regeneration Journal with my colleagues Hester Blum and Jacinda Russel!

"Regeneration: Environment, Art, Culture is an open-access, double anonymous peer-reviewed journal of the environmental humanities that brings humanists, activists, artists, and scientists into conversation around environmental matters."

On the Cold Edge: Creative Meditations on Svalbard

is set to be published by the Open Library of the Humanities online in 2025.


A third project, a curated exhibition of creative work from the October 2022 expedition and since, will take place at Amos Eno Gallery in October 2024! More details soon.

Disobedient Futures Forthcoming from Cambridge Writers' Workshop

From the CWW:

"We are excited to announce that the authors for our forthcoming anthology Disobedient Futures have been selected. We are delighted to celebrate the following authors in our anthology:

Rasha Abdulhadi | Paul Daniel Ash | Madeleine Barnes | Rita Banerjee | Emma Bolden | Alex Carrigan | Kholoud Charaf | Marlena Chertock | Charlene Elsby | Ayokunle Falomo | Robin Hemley | Helen Hofling | Candace Jensen | Shirley Jones-Luke | Liz Kellebrew | Brian Leung | Krysia Wazny McClain | Adam McOmber | Diana Norma Szokolyai | Megan Otto | Martin Ott | Corine Previte | Thaddeus Rutkowski | Mark Salzwedel | Kyle Scott | David Shields | Margo Taft Stever | Bianca Stone | Ella Voss | Maya Williams | Ceceilia Woloch

Official publication date TBA!

Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 3.20.28 PM.png


Earthkeepers Handbook

Thrilled to have two entries included in the Earthkeeper's Handbook.

Available to read for free online through ISSUU:

"Taking cues from the 1976 homestead handbook by Kim Abeles titled Crafts, Cookery and Country Living, Ecoartspace will assemble a "Members Handbook" for healing ourselves and the land." - ecoartspace

In Cahoots Artist in Residence

Summer 2023

I enjoyed a 1 week super-concentrated letterpress residency in Petaluma,

CA at In Cahoots Residency for a summer session in 2023. I focused on editioning some poems with letterpress, woodtype experiments, and illustrations for the Dark Mountain 8 Fires Issue that came out in late 2023.

Screen Shot 2023-03-23 at 6.17.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-12 at 11.28_edited.jpg
The Index.png

Publication in The Index Press: Issue 9


My poem "The Witch of Winter" was selected for publication by the excellent letterpress quarterly, Index Press.

Find out more about the Index Press and Subscribe here!

The Arctic Circle Residency 


October 2022 Artist in Residence

I participated in The Arctic Circle Residency Fall 2020 Expedition, the Art & Science Expedition, which set sail on October 2, 2022 after many necessary delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was an incredible and life-changing experience that is still resonating in me. I look forward to being able to share some small part of the experience through my art and snapshots in the coming months.

Photo above courtesy of The Arctic Circle Residency website, photograph by Beau Carey.

Photo by Beau Carey courtesty of The Arctic CIrcle.png

Calligraphy: Decorated Capitals & 

Decorated Capitals Expanded: Ink Flourish Capitals 

Online Classes through Fleisher Art Memorial

Philadelphia, VT

Dates TBD & will list link to register here.

Step into the world of calligraphy with a short introduction to decorated capitals design. Using a printed exemplar of capital letters from a number of different alphabets, or your own favorite letter as a reference, as well as some examples of decorative motifs from traditional calligraphic styles, you will draw or trace your letter, construct a design around it, and begin to implement color. 

Some classes focus especially 

Decorated Capitals will introduce the principals of decorated capital design and support students in starting their unique design or multiple designs, as well as answer questions about motifs and media— students will then finish their letters after class, so as to not feel rushed. Requires no prior knowledge of calligraphy technique or material!


In Flourish Capitals, the two week course focuses on elegant ink flourish capitals— a great introduction to pointed pen calligraphy, you'll make one or even two or three beautiful capital letters with flourish lines. We will discuss materials and pen techniques, go over a little bit of pointed pen history, and design a beautiful capital letter with flourishes, step by step. 

I will absolutely be running these classes again either in the summer or fall terms at Fleisher. In the meantime, check out their great class offerings from a huge roster of excellent faculty at large:

Candace Jensen, Thomas Little & Coleman Stevenson 

at Amos Eno Gallery

56 Bogart, Brooklyn, NY

May 5th - June 5th, 2022

Upcoming Events:

     Closing Reception:

Sunday, June 5th, 2022 4pm to 6pm       

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present ReCalling the Chimaera, works on paper, parchment, pellicles and the paper-like, by artists Candace Jensen (VT), Thomas Little (NC) and Coleman Stevenson (OR). 


The chimæra: a myth, a monster and child of monsters, a dazzling, implausible corpus formed of parts unalike and unamicable. Elemental, untamable, misunderstood, or obfuscating understandability. Furs and feathers, viscera and aetheria.


To recall: to remember, to recognize. Bringing into focus that which haunts from the edges of memory. To come back to, to open lines of communication once again. Anamnesis.

ReCalling the Chimæra includes griffonage, symbiotic organismic collaborations, abecedary illuminations, bestiaries and visual spellwork by three artists whose interdisciplinary practices defy simple categorization, and deify the rhizomatic, the mycelial, the alchemical, and the holographic. The assemblage of works on view summon the traditions of sigildry, spellwork, erasure, calligraphic illumination, guerrilla gardening, biology, psychology, recursive systems, yantras, poetry, labyrinths, embroidery, mediumship, folk magic, and many other pursuits that bridge the above with the below, contain all, and bind nothing. 


At its simplest, Recalling the Chimeæra pursues the aesthetics of complex, polysemic messages, and seeks to present language as a magical question. This exhibition is a ritual, a spell, and likely also a collection of asemic ephemera. The work is nothing more than earth and fibers, slime mold and hammered sheets of metal which allow light to pass through, like stained glass. The artists are devotees to the yellow friend, haphazard sorcerers and cautious Doctors Frankenstein, making a pass at presenting meaning inherent in their material, playfully irreverent of some conventions and deadly serious about the rest of them.


     Opening Reception:

Friday, May 6th, 2022 from 6pm-9pm 

     Solar Return Artist Salon:

Saturday, May 7th, 2022 from 5pm to 6pm

     The Ides of May Full Moon Ritual (Virtual):

Sunday, May 15th 2022 (7pm EST / 4pm PST)

Register below or at

     Closing Reception:

Sunday, June 5th, 2022 4pm to 6pm 





An Interactive Exhibition

Main Street Arts, Saxtons River, VT

April 22nd - May 31st, 2022

Emergence is a multi-artist interactive art show opening April 22 at Main Street Arts.  The show will feature the work of Anya Bredbeck, Vale Burns, Candace Jensen, Collin Leech, Evie Lovett, Fiona Morehouse, Amber Paris, Cynthia Parker-Houghton and Rachel Portesi. 

Guest artist Meetra Khamoosh will also debut her work here in US. 


These local artists seek to explore themes of community and reconnection through an open invitation to the audience to contribute to an evolving Phoenix installation.  An opening reception will be held Friday, April 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm.

The show will be on view through Memorial Day weekend.  Workshops and events will take place throughout the length of the show.

Follow @emergencemsa for more details about events, the artist collaborators, and the show itself!

Thanks for a Great Time Philly & AWP!

Broadsides, chapbooks and books of poetry still available through Iterant Mag at 


Artist & Filmmaker Discussion

Towards a New Animism & Invisible Hand 

Amos Eno Gallery & Remote

January 8th, 2022

Towards a New Animism & Invisible Hand: Artist & Filmmaker Discussion was recorded on 1/8/22 at Amos Eno Gallery, and remotely. Featuring curators Candace Jensen and Joyce Yamada, Filmmakers Melissa Troutman and Joshua Pribanic of Public Herald Studios, and 3 of the exhibiting artists in the show; Grant Johnson, David Nakabayashi & Jo Watko. 

The event had to be partially adapted* from a planned live talk in the gallery, in response to the Covid-19 surge in New York this January. Video including the artists at the gallery begins at 22:35, and we note that a couple of comments from curators and artists are a little muffled due to the mask wearing.

*Thanks for understanding! Closed captions and transcription coming soon. 

Terrestrial Texts (Artist Talk)

A Solo Exhibition at SVAC

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT

June-July 2021

You can view my artist talk at the show at

Or click the showcard link:

SVAC 2021 Solo Exhibition_JENSEN.jpg

Getting Off the Planet (video)

An Artist Panel Discussion by EcoArtSpace

featuring artists Erika Blumenfeld, Lanny Devuono, Adam Belt, Sandra Taggart and myself 

It's been over fifty years since humans left Earth and collectively looked back at the illuminated blue marble floating in space. How has our understanding of Gaia and the Cosmos evolved since then, and what does it mean to be here on now on planet Earth? In this Zoom Dialogue, we considered our human relationship with space while exploring the implications of mining off the earth for resources, as well as the cosmological considerations of seeking out other forms of life in the universe. 

Now Available ↓

Iterant Mag Risograph Broadsides designed by Candace Jensen and featuring unique poetry from the Issues. All proceeds benefit Ruth Stone House programming and Iterant publishing. 

Iterant Broadsides.png


Member of EcoArtSpace since 2020. See my member profile and peruse all of the wonderful artists in the directory, check out upcoming artists talks and more at

Putney Library Poetry Chapbook 

Summer 2020 - Spring 2022

Letterpress publication produced for the Putney Public Library in collaboration with 18 regional and far-flung, incredible poets, library staff and writer-in-residence Michelle Blake. The chapbook is being hand-set and hand printed on letterpress at the Ruth Stone House in collaboration with the organization.

Iterant Mag

I am the Art Editor at Iterant Mag, an online poetry magazine  published by the Ruth Stone House 'that publishes fantastic poetry and sublime artwork.' We are currently accepting submissions for future issues; visual art features, poetry comics, and poems poems poems! Head straight to the submissions page!

February 2021

Fleisher Art From A Distance: The Art of Calligraphy

Recording available here!


April 2020

Virtual Gallery Visit with Amos Eno Gallery Director,

Mary Gagler and the Artist via Facebook Live and Zoom.

March 2020

EcoPoetics e-Salon and Poetry Reading

Featured readings by guest poets Timothy Donnelly, John James and

Lynn Xu, as well as conversation with the artist.

Download our E-catalog here.

December 2019 - January 2020

Illuminated Essays, my solo exhibition as part of the 42nd Annual Wind Challenge  Installation photos here.

 Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catherine Street, Philadelphia, PA

January 2019 - Summer 2019

Online Exhibition of Finalists and Semifinalists in the 93rd International Competition at 

The Print Center

1614 Latimer Street

Philadelphia, PA

April / May 2018

KoMASK 2017 Masters Printmaking Salon, in the “Lange Zaal” of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

Here is the Online Catalog! Check me and my colleagues out on page 61-68.

4A8AC074-C40C-41A5-BCFF-46CCA848AFDB 2.J

Pictured here is the 'Sublime Liturgical Zine' collaboratively designed by Sam Jones and I. We were inspired by early 20th century Spiritualism and Psychic flyers. Distributed freely at A SUBLIME SALON: In Conversation with artist Sam Jones' solo exhibition‘Perpetual Becoming’, Amos Eno Gallery, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY on March 22, 2019.

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