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Below and further down

No enough is enough

blind bloom and burned edged

creek glowing aflame in the wash of melt

utterly reckless we rush


bend downstream and break upsky

Gihon, White, Black,

Styx, Ganges

the river near me and the river

in you

No enough is enough

heartbreak blood is the blue, as under wrist-skin

as the reflection of dilapidated siding in the blue gray

black river where reflections can land

in between the cluttered lace of the gushing

No enough is enough

the cosmos is warmer this century,

visages of black holes made sapphire orange

I won't think about this, I won't

But I'll dream it and the heartthrob sound of the cello wave over water

will wither me, swoon me, ache me and hold me

that invisible thing.

No, enough is enough

eat past full and into empty once more

a deep draught

a sloughed off saltiness

a bend over backward reach for the butter

melted and melting and smothering the gaping holes of our hearts

at least.

-Tax Day, 2019. Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT.

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