• C. Jensen

Miel an chol

Mel and mal, but also miel

Cholic, or color

but also call

high and fast, piercing, a trill

a call to arms

a call to listen for

call me sometime.


The sun illuminates through leaves

no shade, only luminous underbellies

reflecting gold, scarlet, sap yellow onto

the spade green violets' pages

curly dock, stemmed groupings of chocolate mint.

Honey. None here.

Melancholy. Maybe.

The crunch and petrichor

of last year's bodies

a soft dusting of gray under

the verdant call of crown, arm, bush.


Autumn as a feeling sprouting in the miasma of

the seeds of spring.

Prima. Vera.

First light and life,

taken clumsily by hard footfall and ravenous chewing

our cud the color of honey, but






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