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Tear is trial

Try and trivial, but also trope.

low gall, low-key, or look all

but also, global.

Frame of forgetting

forget me not

forgotten tribe

forget your reusable bag.


I planted black-red pearl stones

in the earth

gray and matted without rain.

3 weeks later

I crunch on the miracle of hot

magenta radish.

I marvel at the ease of the miracle. I may still

starve, the green grease of the furry leaves


ama on my tongue.

A bitter spiciness,

hope buried in the roots of the weeds that

crowd out my tuber crop.

The newt was crushed

between bent rocks

remembering their days in farm fields

as they reveal and crown

from the labial dirt road.

Cardinal directions anewed

seeded the brain hell-bent

South and Southerly.

Remember East.

Remember North.

Bring up, down and




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