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calligraphy, gold, animism, deep ecology

Illuminated Book Jacket (Animism by Graham Harvey), paper with gold leaf, graphite, ink and watercolor 9” x 19.5”, 2021

Jensen_GIS Trifold Book.jpg

Gaia Illuminations

Yantras, Rounds & Altars

Books & Letterpress

Candace Jensen

is an interdisciplinary

visual artist, writer, printmaker,

calligrapher, community organizer and

activist committed to realizing a culture

profoundly informed by deep ecology. Jensen

uses hand-made inks, gold leaf, print and painting

media to create visual essays, which expand calligraphic

 illumination’s traditional cultural reliquary beyond that of anthropocentrism. Greatly influenced by Gaia Theory, pagan revivalism, animism and interdependence principles, her work asserts through mythic and symbolic language that Earth herself is worthy of the gilded, decorated Capital and that we would do

well to attend to her complexmore-than-human scriptures.

Candace lives and works on the unceded

traditional lands of the Elnu Abenaki,

in Southeastern Vermont. She is

cofounder of In Situ


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