Candace Jensen is an interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, printmaker, calligrapher and activist committed to realizing a culture profoundly informed by deep ecology. Jensen uses hand-made inks, gold leaf, print and painting media to create visual essays, which expand calligraphic illumination’s traditional cultural reliquary beyond that of anthropocentrism. Greatly influenced by Lovelock's Gaia Theory and interdependence principles, her work asserts through mythic and symbolic language that Earth herself is worthy of the gilded, decorated Capital.

Exhibitions and Events

Most Recently:

Terrestrial Texts

A Solo Exhibition at SVAC

Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, VT

June-July 2021

You can view my artist talk at the show at

SVAC 2021 Solo Exhibition_JENSEN.jpg

Getting Off the Planet (video)

An Artist Panel Discussion by EcoArtSpace

featuring artists Erika Blumenfeld, Lanny Devuono, Adam Belt, Sandra Taggart and myself 

It's been over fifty years since humans left Earth and collectively looked back at the illuminated blue marble floating in space. How has our understanding of Gaia and the Cosmos evolved since then, and what does it mean to be here on now on planet Earth? In this Zoom Dialogue, we considered our human relationship with space while exploring the implications of mining off the earth for resources, as well as the cosmological considerations of seeking out other forms of life in the universe. 

Now Available

Iterant Mag Risograph Broadsides designed by Candace Jensen and featuring unique poetry from the Issues. All proceeds benefit Ruth Stone House programming and Iterant publishing. 

Iterant Broadsides.png
Against the Anthropocene (words by TJ Demos), 2019

Against the Anthropocene, Gaia Illumination -Words by TJ Demos-  ink, shellac, gold leaf, graphite, turmeric, gouache and watercolor on Clairefontaine paper. Diptych of (2) 9.5” x 12” pages, 2019.  Private collection.

Interdependence Detail

detail the Grief Circle, Gaia Illumination, ink, gouache, gold leaf, goldenrod & acorn ink, and watercolor on Arches paper. 48" x 60", 2019.  To be included in the Terrestrial Texts exhibition at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, Vt in June and July, 2021.

detail the Declaration of Interdependence, Gaia Illumination, ink, gouache, gold leaf, graphite, goldenrod ink, and watercolor on Arches paper. 48" x 60", 2019. 

Last exhibited at the Fleisher Art Memorial Wind Challenge series, Philadelphia, PA


I recently became a listed directory member of EcoArtSpace!

Looking forward to collaborating, sharing and learning more from this valuable community focused on the important intersection of arts and ecology and environmental issues

Putney Library Poetry Chapbook 

Summer 2020 - Fall 2021

Letterpress publication produced for the Putney Public Library in collaboration with 18 regional and far-flung, incredible poets, library staff and writer-in-residence Michelle Blake. The chapbook is being hand-set and hand printed on letterpress at the Ruth Stone House in collaboration with the organization.

Iterant Mag

Currently accepting submissions for future issues, visual art features, poetry comics, and poems poems poems! Email Candace at Candace (at) RuthStoneHouse (dot) org or head straight to the submissions page!

Photo by Barbara Putnam via http://thear

Forthcoming & Upcoming

Disobedient Futures

Summer-Fall 2021

Artwork & poems for the Cambridge Writer's Workshop's newest forthcoming anthology! More TBA soon.

The Arctic Circle Residency 

October 2021

I am thrilled to have been accepted to The Arctic Circle Residency Fall 2020 Expedition, the Art & Science Expedition. I will join a cohort of artists, writers, musicians and scientists aboard a barquentine ice-class sailing ship for a residency that begins in Svalbard off the coast of Norway. This is a dream residency for me, and I am over the moon to be invited to attend. I will be focusing on my calligraphic illuminations, hopefully under the illuminated skies of the aurora borealis, amidst the terrifying and beautiful world of sea and ice in the Arctic circle.

Abecedarium / Griffonage (working titles)

May 2022

An incredible exhibition to be hosted at Amos Eno Gallery featuring the collaborative (and collaboratively curated) work of Thomas Little, Coleman Stevenson and myself. 
Support my collaborators through their inkblot divination series!

Past Events & Press

February 2021

Fleisher Art From A Distance: The Art of Calligraphy

Recording available here!


April 2020

Virtual Gallery Visit with Amos Eno Gallery Director,

Mary Gagler and the Artist via Facebook Live and Zoom.

March 2020

EcoPoetics e-Salon and Poetry Reading

Featured readings by guest poets Timothy Donnelly, John James and Lynn Xu, 

as well as conversation with the artist.

E-catalog available here.

December 2019 - January 2020

Illuminated Essays, my solo exhibition as part of the 42nd Annual Wind Challenge  Installation photos here.

 Fleisher Art Memorial, 719 Catherine Street, Philadelphia, PA

January 2019 - Summer 2019

Online Exhibition of Finalists and Semifinalists in the 93rd International Competition at 

The Print Center

1614 Latimer Street

Philadelphia, PA

April / May 2018

KoMASK 2017 Masters Printmaking Salon, in the “Lange Zaal” of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

Here is the Online Catalog! Check me and my colleagues out on page 61-68.

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Pictured here is the 'Sublime Liturgical Zine' collaboratively designed by Sam Jones and I. We were inspired by early 20th century Spiritualism and Psychic flyers. Distributed freely at A SUBLIME SALON: In Conversation with artist Sam Jones' solo exhibition‘Perpetual Becoming’, Amos Eno Gallery, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY on March 22, 2019.

Candace Jensen
Artist • Writer • Calligrapher • Spiritual Ecologist