Artist Statement

I investigate nature/culture dualism through the lens of deep ecology, with an emphasis on rewilding and reenchanting language.

I work primarily visually and with text, however I oscillate between writing, visual art, somatic experiments and symposia collaborations (conversations, dialogues, round tables, salons, etc), which braid together in my studio practice, and presentation of my work.


I am interested in complicating communication, and developing more richly meaningful vessels for our languages to occupy, both visually and symbolically. I seek to honor the intellectual, the empathic and the experiential/pleasure potential of human creativity in my efforts to investigate our interrelatedness to other beings and their own agency.

I write both poetry and essay to create structure for my paintings and drawings, as well as fold in writing and transcripts from other poets, bards, writers and cultural theorists, to develop dialogues in visual essays. I use hand-made inks, herbs, pigments, and gold leaf on paper, as well as print and painting media in the tradition of illuminated manuscripts and book arts. My explicit intent is to expand calligraphic illumination’s content scope beyond that of anthropocentrism, and to create a cultural reliquary for recognition and emotive connection to the dire crises of our time; ecological collapse, human cultural estrangement from our ecological, interspecies communities, and global warming from the industrial and capitalist mechanisms of civilization.


Ultimately my work is alchemical, seeking to connect macro patterns (above) with intimate grief and more personal, local ecologies (below). It is both art for art's sake, and artivism.

About the Artist

Candace Jensen is committed to realizing a culture profoundly informed by deep ecology. She is a polymath; an interdisciplinary visual artist, writer, letterpress printmaker, calligrapher, book artist, community organizer, activist, rewilding hype-woman and woods witch.

She proudly serves as the Letterpress and Book Arts Director for the Vermont nonprofit the Ruth Stone House, in Goshen VT, as well as the Art Editor and administrative collaborator for its online poetry publication, Iterant Mag. 

Jensen has exhibited work in Vermont, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, and Antwerp, Belgium. Interviews, and selections of her art and writing have been included in numerous publications including; Ante Mag, Studio Visit Magazine, The Ruth Stone House podcast, Last Born in the Wilderness, the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop (forthcoming), Eratio Postmodern, and others. She is an artist member at Amos Eno Gallery, one of the longest continually running non-profit artist collectives in New York, where she has collaborated as an exhibiting artist, curator, and salon coordinator since 2018. She served on its Board from 2019-2021. Jensen also serves on the Advisory Council for the Brodsky Center at PAFA, in Philadelphia, PA.

Jensen earned her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2018, and her BFA from Tyler School of Art in 2008, both in Philadelphia. She has completed over 1000 hours of study in Tantra, feminine form yoga, ayurveda, herbalism, and ecological agriculture, and maintains a personal practice and a student-educator relationship to these teachings. An autodidact, she is always enrolled in courses of her own design and curiosity.

The artist lives and works in Southern Vermont, part of unceded traditional lands of the Western Abenaki Peoples, or Elnu Abenaki. There, she founded and runs a burgeoning artist retreat and residency space with her partner, the artist Owen Schuh. The residency, In Situ Polyculture Commons, is dedicated to foster resilience, community, creativity, regenerative culture and regenerative food cultivation.

She is a dog mom of a rescued cattle-dog mix, Skyebear, and loves to forage for mushrooms, bicycle, swim in the creek, and have effusive conversations about many melancholy and inspiring topics.


The artist and her partner, husband and whole world, the mathematical artist Owen Schuh, at one of his exhibitions in Berlin in 2015.