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Recommended without Reservation

Supporting arts organizations, Gaia-serving groups, yoga communities and fellow artists is crucial and paramount! I have long believed this and sought to stay connected with and advocate for my peers and colleagues. However, recently I was inspired to compile a list and spread the good word here on my own website— thank you to Sharon Louden for your outspoken support of the arts and artists, which inspired me to make this small contribution.

This list is ongoing and impossible to complete, but I hope to add a few each month to the list. These are places that I always try to donate at least $25 to during their fundraisers, attend their spirited events, exhibitions and talks, etc. Organizations that are doing work I find meaningful, challenging and inspiring. These are people who make work I love and who work hard making it, who add to the beauty and strangeness in the world! Cheers all!

Recommended without Reservations

More to be added soon...


My Art Peers, Mentors and Colleagues

More to be added soon...

Ayurveda & Yoga 

Sri Yoga, with Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan

Katie Silcox's Shakti School

Diana May Oppenheim

Karen Macklin

Mackenzie Studebaker

The Viniyoga Institute


The Himalayan Institute

The Vermont Studio Center

Putney Moves

Wake Up Yoga

Yoga Tree

Yoga Garden of San Francisco

Twister's Yoga

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